Thank U (Rel) Next - State of Retail Pagination 1Y Later

A talk by Orit Mutznik
Head of SEO, SilkFred

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About this talk

BrightonSEO April 2019 - I attended Adam Gent's presentation, in which he presented pagination best practices given Google's recent announcement of rel next/prev deprecation. After not being sure about what to do with our pagination, this talk came right on time, and drove us to act based on those best practices, as I believed (and still believe) that pagination is critical to get right by retailers. By the time BrightonSEO 2020 arrives, it will be over a year since the announcement, and I'd like to review the UK retail sector, to see how many did something about it, best practices, bad practices, ugly practices, and give some tips based on what we did at SilkFred including how that worked out for us.

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